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Lightness of Being LIVE Workshop - January 21, 2022

An exclusive VIP workshop designed to get your year off to an amazing start. Make a traction plan to hold yourself to the light in 2022!

LIFE - let go and create intentions

  • Glean wisdom from your experiences in 2021
  • Decide what to release in your life and what to retain
  • Choose your focus—what would you like to create in 2022?

SPACE - turn your home into a mirror for your goals

  • Scan your space and learn how to make simple (yet key!) adjustments
  • Mindfully design your home space container to hold your dreams and remind you of your goals

HABITS - choose new habits to get you there

  • Identify and reset habits that may be holding you back
  • Design your practice and create consistency
  • Choose and share your celebrations

This is a delightful way to join in with others and set your year up for clarity and good vibes!