Fall in love with your space and fall in love with your life.

What if I told you that by changing your environment you can lower your stress, feel more joy and get back to doing the things you love in life.


Join us and let's clear and beautify our spaces together!


You can change your space and shift how you feel about yourself, your life and your dreams.

You can increase your energy, create more flow and improve your self-esteem all by clearing, moving and recreating your space.

Lift your self-esteem by creating a space you love.

Use your space to transform how you feel about yourself. Your space is a mirror and when you shine the surface, you can see your true, beautiful self. It's not magic, but close. Space-love inspires self-love, it's like therapy inside of your home.

Belong to a loving community and make change.

You'll learn some enlightening things for how to create a loving relationship between you and your space with others who have the same challenges. Encouragement, accountability, laughter, celebration is yours in this private group.

Love your space, it translates to inner peace and self-confidence.

You are worthy of self-love. When you clear, order and beautify your space, it brings you into alignment with your self-worth. Your self-esteem rises and your stress levels drop. Self-love through space-love is an easy way transform your life.

Join Our Space Love Club!

"If your going through a big change in your life, I highly recommend that you join the Space Love Club, the reason being that you'll learn how important your physical environment, your space, is to helping you make that transformational change. It was exactly what I needed."

Steve Weber

WHY you want to join the Space Love Club:

The Space Love Club is designed to be an ongoing life/space maintenance group where you get the help you need WHEN you need it!

The club is right for you if:

  • you want to clear the chaos in your home or office space, so that you can think straight and create
  • you're reclaiming your space after ending a relationship, so that you can start fresh
  • you want to start a new career, so that you can love your work again
  • you want to move in with a new partner and get off on the right foot
  • you want your partner to move in with you and feel comfortable
  • you're done with all of your stuff and you're downsizing, so that you can live a much more simple life
  • you're simplifying the stuff you own - you want to own less, so that you can travel and be more free
  • you want to attract more happiness, peace and success, so that you can live the life you've dreamed of
  • you need more physical energy, so that you can do the things you love
  • you feel stuck and need clear direction

No matter what you want to change in your life and space, it is doable in small steps. 

Get out of overwhelm.

This group is designed to give you the tools WHEN you need them, no pressure, just support.

Sign up for the monthly membership and gain access to all of the resources, tools, challenges and teachings in the Space Love world.

You will be elated.

Sign me up, this sounds fabulous!

"I have taken 100's of classes, workshops and been to expos, conferences and retreats. Many of them-life changing, for sure. YOU, my dear friend STAND OUT IN THE CROWD. Your 'HEART" shines all over your face, and in the words you speak. All the while, teaching and allowing/almost insisting on the flow, and acceptance of self-perhaps a better why to say, YOUR INTENTION opens the door for everyone to do at their own pace. You are a very VALUABLE ASSET, to me and anyone lucky enough to be in 'Your Presents!' "

Ronney Aden

Space Love is my thing...

My name is Tamra Fleming, and I've been collecting knowledge and changing people's lives via spaces for nearly two decades now. I've been fascinated by the relationship between you and your space.

Once you learn how to see like I see, your life and your space will change in beautiful, meaningful ways.

I invite you to join the Space Love Club, and learn how to simply declutter and move your furniture to reduce stress and bring beauty and peace to your inner world.

Join me in the Space Love Club!

Look what's included in the Space Love Club:

The monthly membership is designed to give you access to a collection of support tools and education on the life/space philosophy so that you can use your space to make big changes in your life - up-level your career, attract a new relationship, set yourself free from draining energies, clarify your goals and set course toward your dreams.

Check out all that's included!

Private Facebook Group

Your own private group where you can share your story, before and after photos and ask for help from your like-minded friends

LIVE Facebook Teachings

Tamra has nearly two decades of research and experience to share with you about your relationship with your space

Expert Interviews

Expert interviews in clutter clearing, energy clearing, recycling, reuse, repurposing, furniture shopping, decorating and more

Private Member Library

Inside of the new Meaning of Space website will be your own private library of courses, resources and tools (All of this is included in your membership)

Monthly Challenges

As we journey together in the Space Love Club, we will periodically do group challenges for the rooms in your home (These are included in your membership)


As we journey, Meaning of Space will release new masterclasses. You will be eligible for a discount on these classes. (This is included in your membership!)


You'll also have access to:

  • Inbox Space Clearing Tips

  • Inspirational Stories
  • Recommendations for Conscious Consumerism
  • Ideas for Recycling, Reusing and Repurposing

We are so excited you're choosing to make your life amazing through the beautifying of your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your membership gives you full access to all of the teachings, videos, resources and tools.

And, it gives you access to DIY challenges that you can do when you have the time, WITH support of the Space Love Club group!

You get a community of like-minded people changing their lives and spaces too!

Always ask questions and provide feedback as it is YOU who is building this group! 

The Space Love Club is designed to be an ongoing support system for clearing and designing your space. There will be regular monthly events like challenges, special focuses, newly released mini-courses, expert interviews and other resources, tools and tips.

The Space Love Club is no longer in a trial period. If you sign up and decide it's not right for you, you can cancel anytime, month-to-month. You will have full access for the balance of your paid month. All you have to do is contact [email protected].

Why not find a new way to transform your life, simply by moving your stuff and allowing your environment to love you back.




We're getting ramped up for 2020 and how to transform your space, thus, transforming your life.

Mini-courses, Tools and Resources are on the horizon that no one has seen yet. As a member, you receive discounts and included resources.

*No risk guarantee. You can cancel anytime month-to-month.

Join the Club!

When you do this together, it's much easier!

The Space Love Club is a supportive membership group where you will find love and accountability. Participate when you are in the process of clearing stuff from your spaces. There are three key elements to the Space Love Club - you, your space and the community. This is how you create change.


You have the power to feel more peaceful, empowered and successful in relationship with your space.


Your space has the potential to mirror back to you how much you love and honor yourself.


When we gather together within a compassionate model, we create exponential change. 


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