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Welcome to Meaning of Space!

This is the place where we turn your home into a true reflection of you, and a powerful mirror of your life vision. Your space is your third skin–you, your clothing and your home. When you create a home that supports your authenticity and your dreams, you feel at ease, in flow and in alignment with your life choices and direction. 

Space is a reflection of your inner state of being. How does your home or office feel to you today? Does it reflect the real you and what you really want in your life? If not, that’s where the Meaning of Space comes in with our LifeSpace Alignment™ process.

Check out our services, practical programs and tools. You’ll learn how to clarify your vision, see the mismatches to it in your spaces and then take action to align them to your true, authentic self.

By changing your environment, you naturally change how you feel, which changes your internal patterns, and sets you on a clearer path towards reaching your goals.

Your spaces become a catalyst for personal transformation.  

"No more excuses! This is a great tool to lead you in the right direction to get organized, relaxed and fall in love with your space again." - Cathy

Happening Now!

This is so exciting! Right now, I’m sharing a series of interviews I did with one very talented colleague—Donald M. Rattner, Architect.

During this free 4-part interview series, we discuss:

  • Designating a Creative Space
  • Whether to Make a Mess...or Not
  • What it means to Face Your Space
  • And we're talking about 'Gather in a Circle'—your choice of shape matters!

Donald literally wrote the book on how to design your home to stimulate ideas and spark innovation. It’s called My Creative Spaces, and I highly recommend you check it out!

But first, click the button below to check out the entire interview series—free!

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Match Your Home Background to Your Business Message!

Unfortunately, people can now peer into your home while you're onscreen and make up stories about you based on what you choose to reveal in your home background.

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