The psychology of home reveals the meaningful relationship between life and space

Beyond your body exists a physical world that reflects your thoughts, feelings and beliefs

It's this world–your home environment–that sends signals back to your brain about what you believe about life and who you believe you are.

When you become conscious of the symbols, metaphors and meaning of your space, you empower yourself to make changes in your life.

Spaces hold powerful metaphors

Your environment triggers emotions based on memories, events and beliefs you hold from your past. If a memory is strong enough, every time you see an object your subconscious triggers emotions. The question is, what is in your space that holds emotions you would like to release?

You are shaped by your response to your environment.

For this reason, we begin our work by clarifying your future vision

By clarifying your vision of what you want your life to be and changing your environment to match, you change your mindset and most importantly, how you feel in your spaces.

You actually condition your brain and body into the future you imagine.

"Since the mind is a reflection of our environment, wouldn’t it be smart to get our external environments in order as well?"
- Dr. Joe Dispenza

Change your environment, change your mind

"What we’re essentially doing with environmental cues is reminding ourselves of not only who we’re becoming, but also how we’re getting there. If your external environment is an extension of your mind, as you change your environment, your mind should change as well—and vice versa." - Dr. Joe Dispenza

Our current evolution from materialism to meaning...

It's fair to say that western culture has represented consumerism and has generally not been as interested in how interiors influence our lives as in the east. However, because of Feng Shui, clutter clearing and the concept of creating homes for the soul, more people over the past three decades have awakened to the possibility that the unseen energies in our spaces actually impact the quality and experiences of our lives. For example, when we remodel, we are literally shifting the way we think and how we use space. When we change a paint color, we change the energy in the space. When we clear clutter, we move from the old to being receptive to the new.

Your self-expression is a choice...

Clothes, haircuts, cars and homes are the physical ways we express who we are in the world. The choices we make are either driven by family patterns, societal influences or personal expression. The more self-confident and intentional people are, the more likely their spaces authentically express them. This is why our approach at the Meaning of Space begins with a person's vision and then the space instead of the other way around.

A home is how you pay homage to your life...

Home is the one place that you can call your own–that you can go to find safety, comfort and a deeper experience of yourself. It is the place that you embellish with your personality, your interests and your self-expression. It is way more than a place to hang your hat; it is a place that says, "This is who I am!" Self is home.

Each of us have beliefs about how home should be...

Whether our beliefs are conscious or unconscious, we hold strong preferences for how our homes take shape. This is our space history, a collection of values about how space should be used and how personal possessions should be placed. We attach meaning to our physical objects because they are an expression of our inner most self and memories from our past. They help us define who we are in the physical world.

Over time we take our surroundings for granted...

We lose track of our dreams in the busyness of daily life. Ask yourself, "Who am I in relationship to my space?" Sit with this question. The answers will come in time and may surprise you. Spaces tend to reflect who you were. Lifestyles are reflections of beliefs, values, past and present life and rarely about the future. Who you were may have been hurt, depressed, angry not self-respecting, not self-honoring or compromising with a partner and/or family. You might have been in survival mode. Or you simply may have bought too much stuff over the years.

Every "thing" holds some psychic energy...

There is a wealth of information contained in the relationship between yourself, space and personal possessions. Every thing holds some psychic energy–memory, triggers, emotions, stories. Whether or not your spaces are decorated, embellished and designed, when you assess your home or office and belongings through the lens of, "Who am I and what does this space or thing have to do with me?", you begin to learning about the Self. 

You can change your outer world to change your inner world...

You will begin to see how your spaces support you and your future or root you in a past that may not longer serve you. When you learn to see your space through a clear lens of curiosity free of self-criticism, you can begin the journey of using your space to make positive changes in your life.

Your space through the lens of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

This is fascinating work and when you learn how to use it, you will never see your space the same again.

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Your environment shapes you

Home and office environments greatly influence and reflect how people view their lives and whether they achieve their greatest potential.

Personal living space is a mirror to the inner self. For example, a disheveled bedroom may reflect relationship woes. A cluttered office may be limiting the potential of a home-based business. Some personal possessions may drain your energy every time you look at them. 

The story of 

Dr. Joe Dispenza

"We need to be greater than our environment. I’ve said that greatness is holding fast to a dream, independent of your environment—but that’s not to say we all couldn’t use a little help. So what if we could begin to cue our external environments to remind us of who we want to become? Wouldn’t these cues begin to entrain our conscious mind with the feelings and emotions of our future self? If this is the case, there’s a strong possibility that if you keep your conscious mind on what you want to achieve, your subconscious mind is also going to bring you there."