10 Steps to Creating a Home that Reflects Your Life

Jan 05, 2022

Your home is the greatest expression of who you are, what you believe about yourself, and what you believe about your life. It is the visual tapestry of your life story, your daily experiences, and your life dreams.

When you decide to embellish your home with beauty, you have made a statement that you value yourself and the experience others have in your intimate world.

So how do you create a home that reflects your life? Follow these 10 steps:

  1. Identify your lifestyle vision.
  2. Take a tour of your home and identify areas that are not working for you.
  3. Create a plan based off of your lifestyle vision.
  4. Make mindful decisions about what you place in your space.
  5. Don't settle for less than what you want in your space.
  6. Be patient and stay intentional.
  7. Stay open until all of the pieces come together to make the whole picture that is your space.
  8. Enjoy the process!
  9. Invite friends and family to review your work.
  10. Review how you feel in your space and adjust as needed.

This isn't a quick fix for a perfect space, and you may find that you need more support during the process. If this sounds like you, be sure to check out my 10 Steps to Creating a Home that Reflects Your Life mini-course. It's only $4.97 right now, so grab it today!

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