Can a Nightstand Ruin Your Relationship?

nightstands psychology of furniture Jan 05, 2021

When I started my work inside of homes with clients, I started with coaching couples. After a few clients, I began to clearly see how nightstands told a story about the couple’s relationship.

There are important clues and personal symbolism embellishing your nightstand right now. When you look closely, you’ll see the what you value, how much you value it and what power these symbols and metaphors hold in your life.

Your nightstand is one of your most personal spaces in your home. Inside and on top of this little zone of sanctity is what you hold dear.

If you live alone, does this personal space tell a story of liking living alone or are you seeking a partner? Is there a nightstand on the other side of your bed that symbolizes what your partner would enjoy on their nightstand?

If you’re in a partnership, look at the metaphors, symbols, patterns, habits. Ask yourselves, does the health and state of my nightstand contribute to my relationship? Show an imbalance of partnership power?

Here’s an example: one partner has very little in the nightstand and isn’t home much; the other partner’s nightstand is over-flowing with books, memories and self-care items, leaving little room for much else. The bed becomes a personal zone instead of an intimately shared zone. 

What you focus on fills your life. What do you want? What do you surround yourself with?

LifeSpace TIP: Take a good look at your nightstands. What story do they tell you? Hmmmmm. If you’re in a partnership, share with each other what your nightstands represent. Make subtle changes to your nightstands and see if it impacts your sleep, your love life, or your relationship with yourself!


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