How to Clear Out the Past—and Why You Should

Jul 08, 2021
Clear Out the Past

Let's talk about clearing out your past. This is your clutter, mementoes, or any other item that blocks positive energy from coming into your life.

But why should we clear it out? Because old energy takes up space. Your new vision needs a clear path to you. If you have to wade through past stuff, it takes up energy and prevents new, fresh things coming into your life.

There are three areas you can focus on to let go:

Let go of your physical stuff. A great way to go about getting rid of stuff is to use the “Energy Meter.” Look at an item, or better yet, hold the item and ask what rating it has in your life? 10 = Love it, it must stay; 1 = It has no meaning and it can go. If you want to create a high vibration space and life, I suggest considering letting go of anything below a rating of a 7. If you clear out all kinds of “stuff” that really has no meaning or purpose in your current life, you open space for what’s waiting to come into your life.

Remember, your stuff is a symbol for the past architecture in your life. It is a reflection of your past emotions, states of being, choices and intentions.

Let go of old patterns of thinking. If you sit down and really look at your life and the repeated patterns you loop around, you will see that if you make a new decision and take another path, you will change your outcomes. Patterns are habitual habits of conditioning. We have experiences in life and we settle into an emotional pattern that appears to keep us safe.

When you’re going for your dreams, safe does not allow you to reach your potential. Stepping into and through fears is where the action happens.

Be honest with yourself and step into your greatest fears. I used to carry a card with me that said, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” It’s quite effective if you take it seriously!

Let go of old ways of being. Did you know that your body cells completely change over in a 90-days? According to epigenetics, you can literally and physically change yourself. Have you ever seen pictures of someone who doesn’t look the same in one photo to the next? That’s what we’re talking about here. YOU can change your way of being by making a decision to do so. Along the way, you will let go of old ways of being. A great way to change your ways of being is to change your habits. Make a list of all of the habits you notice yourself doing within a week’s period of time. Then, decide which ones you can change and begin to do the opposite of that pattern and see how that impacts your mood!

“I let go of outcomes now. I accept what is given. I am a creator.”


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