Did you know you have house history?

decluttering lifespace mirror the power of space Jan 17, 2021

Your childhood homes from 0 to 18 shaped how you think, what you believe and how you take care of your home today. Understanding this early impact on your life can help you make sense of your lifestyle.

If you lived with a clutterer growing up, you might be burdened with that kind of space now; or, you may be an extreme neat-nik. If you lived in a sterile environment, you may have become a clutterer surrounded by too much stuff.

It's not your fault, but understanding your house history will help you make sense of the way you live in your space today.

A house history assessment looks at these things:

  • What type of home did you live in - house, apartment, mobile home, etc.
  • Where you lived - city, town, rural, isolated, etc.
  • What type of personal space you had - shared space, your own room, no room, etc.
  • What type of habits and rituals you had - wake up time, meal times, to bed times, entertainment times, etc.
  • What type of restrictions and discipline you had - schedules, disciplinary action - go to your room, chores, etc.

You get the picture. You can see just by these five categories that your life truly was shaped by how you grew up in your space.

In the new program, LifeSpace Experience: Transform Your Space Evolve Your Life (the next class is coming soon—stay tuned!), we go into your House History much more deeply so that you can understand how your upbringing shaped your habits today and what to do about them to shift your life.

You decide which old habits you would like to let go and what new habits you would like to embrace. Powerful.

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