Discover Your Five Element Personality

Sep 15, 2021

In nature there are five basic elements: Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Earth. Human beings are also made up of these elements. If we were totally in balance, we would be a mix of all five elements, but because we are unique and born into different places on the planet in different circumstances, we tend to be predominantly 2-3 of the elements based on our lifestyle choices.

Let's talk about the five elements and their attributes:


  • Vibrant, active personality.
  • Loves creativity, discovery, experimentation.
  • Dresses in bright colors with unusual adornments.
  • Loves to mess with your mind and make you wonder.


  • Dreamy, sweet personality.
  • Loves to connect with others.
  • Tends to be intuitive and shows emotions more easily.
  • Heart-centered, loving and highly sensitive to the world around them.


  • Grounded, comfortable on earth.
  • Loves home, food, cozy environments.
  • Trades staying at home over buzzing about.
  • Loves to hug and make others feel loved.
  • Expresses love through cooking.


  • Strong, determined personality.
  • Loves to plan and get what they want.
  • Stands tall like a tree and can tower over others.
  • Defined facial features and usually a strong jaw-line.
  • Committed to outcomes and doesn't stop until finished.


  • Simple, direct and clear personality.
  • Loves uncluttered spaces and only keeps what they truly need.
  • Thinks more logically.
  • Perfectionistic and particular. Thrives on details.
  • Listens deeply for understanding.
  • Can be critical an hard on self and others.

As you ponder your elements, consider this: You may have elements missing which means you may be lacking something you very much need to create more balance in your life!

Now, let's tune into your needs. What elements listed above do you feel would fit into your life and space? Mentally number each element (I like to use 1 to 5) according to what you would like to feel more of to create balance in your life and space.

Once you've determined your needs, use the info below to add in your element.

To add more fire: Pick some more colorful things to wear in the warm tones, such as orange, red, yellow. Select something unusual to wear or a piece of art to adorn your home. Get outside, connect with others, do out of the box creative things. Bring joy and laughter into your life.

To add more water: Wear cooler colors of silver, gray, light blue, turquoise and white. Wash your windows and let light into your home. Take a bath, go swimming or sit in salt water. Allow yourself to cry and connect intimately with others. Open up, be vulnerable and let your emotions flow.

To add more earth: Go outside and take your shoes off and stand on the earth. Eat whatever you want that feels nurturing. Hug others and give our love. Hang out with your most grounded friend. Slow down, sit and read a book. Hug a tree, go hiking and connect with the rhythm of nature.

To add more metal: Clear clutter and get rid of all past things that clog your mind. Wash windows and let light in. Get clear on something you've been struggling with and make a decision. Wear white, silver and crisp clothes. Paint a room white or light gray and let the walls be blank for a while. Stick to a plan and follow-through.

To add more wood: Make strong decisions. Be determined with your choices. Wear more grounded colors like green and brown. Stand tall and open your heart. Breathe deeply and know that you have everything you need to succeed. Have faith and confidence in yourself. Sit in a strong masculine chair.

Once we discover something about ourselves, we have an opportunity to create real change. First we must see (this is awareness). and then we must decide to create change. When you make it fun, it's much easier to leave resistance behind and make change!

Write out, mind map, sketch or draw all of the ways you plan to create more balance through the creative use of the elements. Don't forget to include a note about what that change will create in your life! 

Will this change will create more love, more fun, more structure, more progress?

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