Metaphors in Your Space

Jun 22, 2021

Your space is full of clues to your life!

You can find the clues and make changes to make your life better, to achieve your goals and manifest your dreams.

Your space is a powerful tool for personal growth. 

In today's post, we'll discuss some of the easiest metaphors to uncover in your home. Keep reading, and don't forget to let me know what you find!

Here are some interesting metaphors for you to consider when you observe your space to see what it’s telling you: 

Closed window shades = hibernating, going inward, restoring 

Open window shades = opening, expressing energy, new perspectives Low lights = ambient lighting, get cozy, cuddle in 

Bright lights = active, get things done 

Cluttered spots (countertops, chairs, benches) = not enough time to complete, good enough for now 

Unhung artwork = lack of commitment 

Keeping furniture you don’t love = lack of the right thing coming into your life 

Symbology in photos/artwork = represents a mood in the past 

Making do with an item instead of choosing/saving for the best thing = lack of abundance and compromise 

Clutter or too much stuff = fear of not having enough or having the right thing when you need it 

When you sit down and observe your space, you can see things that have meaning. What meaning do the things you see have? 

Let's talk about how to use the metaphors to make changes in your space that uplift your mood and your life: 

Turn on the lights – open shades, turn on overhead lighting. This is like a jolt of energy that will give you a new perspective. Note what you see and what you would like to change in your space. Make a list. 

Ask yourself, what story does my space tell me about me? Write down what you see. Once you have some things written down, ask yourself, is this the story you want to tell? If not, what IS the story you want to tell? 

Make note of your feelings about this. This exercise will help you see some old beliefs and old thoughts that may be ready to let go. 

Take action and clear some clutter, move somethings, rearrange your furniture. This activity moves energy and it reshapes your environment so that you feel different inside. When we crave change, we move things around, it’s like moving our inside thoughts and creating new flow. 

What story does your space tell about you? Write down any words that describe what you see?

Seeing without Judgment, but with Curiosity 

When you observe your space, make sure to step out of your critic and see from your observer or witness. When we see our space without judgment, it's easier to see more deeply. 

Curiosity is a fun way of seeing that can help you look more honestly and clearly at the space that surrounds you. With curiosity as your main way of seeing your space, you can detach more easily from the space itself and just observe. 

When you become honest about what you see and you refrain from inner criticism, judgment or old stories, you begin to free yourself to learn more about your current and past beliefs. Once you do that, you can begin to create change. 

What story would you like your space to say about you? Write down any words that describe what you want to see when you look at your space. 

Making change 

Once you have a clear list of what you see, and a clear list of what you would like to see, begin making changes to your space. Maybe you'll clear some clutter, maybe you'll clean or move furniture. 

Notice as you make changes how you feel? Do you feel determined to change? Frustrated with your space? Sad that you let your space get that way? All of these emotions tell you a story about your inner self. Once you notice, you can make change, let go, resolve, release. 

What story is your space telling you now? Write down any words that describe your space after you make changes.

No matter what you do, your intentional movement in space is what matters most as you are not just moving stuff, you're moving beliefs! This is how powerful your space is for your own personal evolution.

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