Rituals for Self-Love & Love of Others

Aug 17, 2021

What is a ritual in the meaning of space world?

A ritual in the Meaning of Space world is an honoring of the self and family through practices that bring focus to the heart, compassion, empathy, acceptance and love.

When we put our attention on something with our intention, we begin to create.

When we do this from the heart center, the expression is compounded with concentrated ripples of love that permeate the universe. Those ripples then reflect back to us our intent.

Process for Ritual Readiness:
1. Choose something that expresses loving yourself - a place
in your home, a type of tea, a repeated action you'd like to
2. Get into your heart center.
3. Do the practice you've chosen.
4. Feel the feelings of doing the practice.
5. Give gratitude to yourself for spending this time to focus your intent on self-love.

Types of Rituals for Self-Love

  • Bubble bath
  • Quiet time alone in your bed or studio
  • Beautify the Self in the bathroom with the door closed
  • Read a book in your favorite chair
  • Drink your favorite tea in your favorite spot in the kitchen
  • Do yoga stretching
  • Listen to music

What are other rituals of self-love that you can think of?

Types of Rituals for Love of Others

  • Cooking
  • Creating space for them
  • Focus on something they love
  • Play games
  • Help them redecorate their room and clear old stuff
  • Sit with them watching their favorite TV Show
  • Create a craft with them

What are other rituals of love for others that you can think of?

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