What does your space have to do with creating your desired life?

lifespace mirror the power of space Jan 05, 2021

One of my favorite books about the human-home relationship is Home-Psych - The Social Psychology of Home and Decoration, Joan Kron. She states that the next thing in home decorating was the social psychology of home and decoration, beyond style and an exploration of how we shape our environments and how they shape us. This book was published in 1983. It's taking us a while to evolve to the point where we can understand how our surroundings impact us!

In my previous certification program, I led students through the history of how the LifeSpace Mirror was created. This body of work includes everything from the ancient practice of Feng Shui to the personal life and home history of Carl Jung, to the progressive architect and author, Clare Cooper Marcus, who wrote the book, House as Mirror of Self, in 1995.

How did this work catch my attention? I came to this work after becoming a Life Coach in 2000 and then learning Feng Shui and the Chinese Five Element Theory in 2001. When I started working with clients in their homes combining life coaching and space, I began seeing psychological patterns between people and their surroundings. That is when I dug into research to find out more about the human-space relationship and this led me to Clare Cooper Marcus’ book.

After much exploration of the professional practice of Environmental Psychology, I realized that there was a gap in the consumer market - helping people see their lives and change their lives through the metaphors and symbolism in their spaces. 

From women who lived alone, but wanted a partner, to couples living in the same home, but emotionally distanced, I began the blended practice life visioning, life coaching and space makeovers. My goal was to read the home interior to help clients make new decisions about their lives. The work is all about personal transformation that leads to a more joyous life.

LifeSpace TIP: Start in one room of your home and take a 360 degree spin observing anything that pops out at you. Does it inspire you? Drain you? Frustrate you? Make you happy? Make a decision about what to do with that thing. How do you feel after you've made the decision? This is the power your stuff has in your life. Let's dive into the learning journey!