The Energy of Clutter: What is it?

the energy of clutter Oct 13, 2021

Clutter is not a black and white thing. It is a moving and ever-growing energy representing something that’s 'stuck' in your life. By examining your clutter, you’ll examine your deepest self—and by clearing your clutter you can really purify and clear your energetic state (not to mention your
living spaces!).

“Small wonder that that the issues of chaos and order in the dwelling—
our very own small corner of the universe—raise such profound emotions.” -Clare Cooper Marcus, House as a Mirror of Self

Clutter is a catchall term. It can cover anything from that pile of magazines on your coffee table—that you have precious little time to read—to a living area that is so mired and bogged down with stuff that you can barely maneuver around it all!

There is a range of clutter and a variety of reasons behind its existence.

Unwanted clutter is an obstacle to living your authentic life, whether it’s a minor block or something you’re avoiding. It could be a big wall shielding you from your fears—hindering you from being who you truly are, doing what you would like to do, and enjoying your life fully.

For example, a living room can easily become cluttered because you literally live in it. It’s a very active center of your home! So much occurs here day and night that we tend to leave our projects and reading materials stacked up.

  • What kind of living occurs in your living room?
  • How does the clutter make you feel when you’re in there?
  • Do you avoid the issue of clutter—hoping that it will all just go away?

Sometimes clutter represents something we want to avoid.
Sometimes it represents overwhelming feelings.
Other times, it represents our not wanting to be seen. In this case,
people use clutter unconsciously to keep others out of their living spaces as a shield to avoid being seen or even loved

This is self-sabotage.

One of my clients had an enormous amount of stuff piled up in her living area due to her fear of being seen. She said, “I don’t believe in myself enough to have relationships and so I don’t open myself up. I use clutter to keep people out.”

It took nearly six months to help her clear her space and lift the veil from her true self. Through dealing with one piece of paper at a time, she began to see herself clearly.

Today she proudly enjoys an inviting, comfortably redecorated living room (and home!). Her social calendar is full!

You too may have a fear of being loved for who you truly are as opposed to who you feel you should be—or are expected to be.

You are reading this for a reason. You want to understand what the symbology of clutter means to you. If you’ve got clutter, there may be something going on in your life that you have the opportunity to face.

Overcome this hurdle and stop mimicking your inner turmoil outside of yourself!

Follow the process outlined in this Energy of Clutter blog series, and see how you can allow your true self to be present, open and awake—to shine!

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