The Power of Place, Space and Creativity

the power of place Feb 14, 2020

Nearly 20 years ago Pattie Hanmer and her partner at the time had a dream. They dreamed of a sanctuary on a hill with a water view and places to create and enjoy life.

This interview is testament to when you have a real dream and you keep making steps forward to achieve it, it does come true.

Tamra and Pattie have been long-time friends and colleagues in the art of life, space and harmony. Years ago they worked together doing Feng Shui, Space Clearing and life transformation through the relationship to space.

Listen in to this interview while Tamra and Pattie explore place, space and creativity and how when they come together in harmony, they make life beautiful.

Pattie Hanmer now invites guests, students and retreat goers to her space on Vashon Island, near Seattle.

Learn more about Pattie and her sacred space here:

Vashon Retreats