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"I loved the quiz. I was surprised at how accurate it turned out to be. The tips and the download to get started on claiming my space as a reflection of who I am and where I want to go on my inner and outer journey were very thought provoking and inspiring."

Which style are you?

Hello. I’m Tamra Fleming, founder of Meaning of Space.

My 20-year fascination with people and spaces has culminated in a practice called LifeSpace Alignment™.

You begin by learning your Space Personality Style and defining your vision for the future so that you can create a home that inspires your dreams and supports who you truly are. 

Beyond design there is an emotional expression of who you are that makes you feel happy at home.

Our environments are physical expressions of our past choices, and when you learn to see how your space mirrors certain beliefs and life choices, you can make changes to the physical, thus, making changes to your mindset.

How the Style quiz came to be...

Your space is your third skin; it's the place you create as your own. It's the story of you. That is why when I followed my own passions and combined Life Coaching and all things home, I discovered the simple truth–what surrounds you is YOU!

I was so curious about how to help others live amazing and fulfilling lives that I studied Feng Shui, The Five Element System, and Chinese Facial Diagnosis, and Space Clearing. I began working in people's homes, and then, I discovered something very powerful.

  • I started to see the mirror between people, their belongings and home environments.
  • I saw that all people were an expression of their past choices.
  • I could see the five elements–fire, water, wood, metal and earth–in their faces, spaces and places. After all, we are all made of the elements.
  • I could see that their current dreams were out of alignment with the spaces that surrounded them.

By collecting this data for over 20 years, it is easy for me to see how the personal and unique life-space relationship can be altered to help you live a happier life, create your dreams and a home environment that is YOU.

There you have it. The Space Personality Style Quiz is the first step to create a life and home you love and that loves you back.

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The Style Quiz will give you insight into the first level of your Space Personality style. From there, join the webinar to learn more! This is just the beginning of the LifeSpace journey - know your style.

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There are six primary styles in the Space Personality Style Quiz. Each style has specific likes and dislikes when it comes to the space they live in. Explore the types and learn how to create a home that is more you!

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