Turn chaos into calm and stuff into serenity.

It's time for the ReWeek
5-Day Challenge!

January 24-28, 2022
Join Us!

We did it! We figured out how to use the energy of Mercury Retrograde to help us redo our spaces and reset our lives
for a fresh start.


This only happens three times a year and it's coming
JANUARY 24-28, 2022!

In our experience, when the planet Mercury goes retrograde it can create a bit of chaos.

Communications can go awry, travel can be delayed, technology can break down, and moving forward can be wrought with setbacks. Making plans, signing contracts and inventing something new during this time can cause do-overs, re-writes and re-negotiations.

WE KNOW it's the best time to use these energies in a positive way to review your life and let go of the past.

Find out what ReWeek has done for Steve...


It's a great time to reflect.

Everything about the energies of this time tell us to re-everything. Review, re-evaluate, reconsider, reconstruct, redo, renew. 

WE KNOW it is a perfect time to review our lives and reorganize our spaces. Why? Because it's all about reviewing everything in your physical and emotional world.

It's a good time to remove.

Did you know that making changes to your space is the quickest way to feel more freedom, confidence and clarity?

When you feel stuck, stagnated or drained, it's time to release some stuff.

Why not use the natural energies of the universe to help you along!

WE KNOW it is the perfect time to release some stuff–old possessions and things out of sync with who you are now.

I want in!

It's a great time to release.

While you're letting go of stuff you don't need, it's the perfect time to let old emotions come up, be felt and released too. Your stuff holds stories, memories and meaning. You can even feel shame, anger or self-criticism.

WE KNOW it's a great time to let these old emotions go and free yourself.

You even get to reorganize too!

When you create order in your space, you are then free to focus on other things that are more important, like your family, your food and your inner happiness.

It's an awesome time to reclaim energy in your life.

Have you ever thought what it feels like to RECLAIM your space and feel the emotions of joy? To actually give yourself permission to feel glee? This is true freedom. You get to be you–lighter, happier and feeling more open.

WE KNOW it is the most opportune time to let go and allow open space.

What's the goal of the 5-Day Challenge?

Your serenity. 

Count Me In!

Here is what's included in the 5-Day Challenge:

  1. Daily Assignments delivered to your inbox.
  2. Support on the Meaning of Space Community Facebook Page.
  3. Celebrations with your colleagues.

Each day of the challenge has a specific focus, see below.

Meet Bettina! Let's hear about her experience with ReWeek... 



Review your world and set your goals for the week by observing your space to see what you want to tackle most.


Declutter your targeted goal spaces and begin to feel the freedom. When you decide to let go your free up energy.


Allow yourself to feel into the emotions of letting go. Honor your inner and celebrate your wins.


Make some things look pretty and place things back in an orderly way. Help soothe your nervous system with balance.


Make your space yours. Make it have meaning. Use symbology to mirror back to your you brilliance.

You've probably never experienced a challenge quite like this!

It's so exciting! We plan to take you through this 5-Step process for clearing your space AND freeing your mind. When you do the daily activities with pure intention, you will experience an opening of your heart and moments of pure joy.

Oh My Gosh, I Really Need This!

My name is Tamra Fleming, and it's been my pleasure to work with people and spaces for nearly two decades.

As a result of many in-home LifeSpace sessions, I discovered the incredibly clear mirror between your space and your life. After a few years of field research and self-study, my work as a personal life coach and my love of spaces merged into the LifeSpace Mirror™ and creation of the tool of using your space to improve your life. 

My mission is to show you how to see your surroundings so that you can easily make changes to your physical world, reshape your life and accomplish your dreams.

By the end of this challenge, you will be feeling:

  • Lighter
  • More clear
  • Freer
  • More open
  • ...you may even feel totally giddy!

All you have to do is sign up below and we'll take it from there!

It's a great time to let go and lighten your load.

You'll want to hear what Angela has to say!


So Much Goodness!


Just Once

  • Love and support as you clear
  • Doable daily assignments
  • Celebration with the Tribe
Yep, I AM IN!

Just think. Five days of simple tasks and YOU transform your space and feel good inside.

There's nothing like creating open space, letting go of the past and creating room for the life you love. Yes, cleared space equals freedom. Get some now! You deserve it!

See you there!