Video Background Makeover
How to Visually Boost Sales, Success, Credibility & Competence.

What your camera sees is your new business card.

Whether we like it or not, how we appear in online meetings is now the way people get their impressions of us. Admittedly, most of us weren’t prepared for this new intimacy into our lives and are still winging it, hoping for the best.

Your home is now open to the world.

We scrunch into a corner of the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, etc. and try to hide all sorts of stuff from camera view. Nevertheless, the bit of space we do reveal is very honest about who we are in the present moment. It talks for us.

Authenticity creates trust. Your on-camera presentation can distract your viewer or make or break your intended message. It matters!

The bottom line is clients and co-workers can and do judge us.

They make assumptions about us, based on what they can see. Many of us may feel ashamed at worst or uncomfortable at best onscreen, and we may not know what impressions we're making.

And, artificial backgrounds can be downright distracting and inauthentic.

Though some resort to fake bookshelves or other fake virtual backgrounds, meeting attendees may wonder “What is he or she hiding?” And it’s distracting when your head, hand or whole body parts disappear behind the fake background and then magically reappear.

There's a new intimacy level that we were not prepared for.

No matter if you're using the kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom or designated home office - you'll want to align your authentic personality, your vision and message with your onscreen presence.

We Understand Your Dilemma

Our Video Background Makeover offering guides you, in 45 short minutes, to gain clarity on the following questions:

  1. What are you trying to achieve in your work and life right now?
  2. What are your top three values in work and life? 
  3. What’s the impression you want to make in online meetings?

Just so you know, a few of the responses we’ve received on that last question include:

  • Be taken seriously
  • Look professional and pulled together
  • Be proud of who I am
  • Show that I’m an expert
  • Represent my company’s brand well

Go live on your next video call with confidence!

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Checkout these Troublesome Hotspots

There are some common errors that we make that are detrimental to our message, presence and overall goals onscreen. In our session, you will learn what they are and how to resolve them.

There is a lot to think about. Your viewer uses all cues to evaluate you and your message.
Your visual story speaks louder than words.

What story do you want to tell about you?

Let's makeover your background!

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Behind you defines you!

Learn the hidden secrets that if - left undone - can spoil the story you think you tell.

There are 3 Hidden Secrets for creating a powerful onscreen presence. When you understand what they are and make those changes, you will unlock clarity in your communication and flow in your business.

Secret #1

When you learn this hidden secret, it has the potential to open the flood gates for your goals and connect the dots to your vision.

Secret #2

When you learn this hidden secret, you can make instant change within yourself and in your space with ease.

Secret #3

When you learn this hidden secret, you can send powerful, intentional and meaningful messages to your viewers.

You’ll feel confident in what you’re projecting because you’ll truly represent who you are.

You’ll be authentic; others will feel this and react more positively to you. No more shame or doubts.

You’ll gain insights into yourself and how to make your vision even more real.

This one realization can have massive impact on your results. You will see how your space can shift your whole perspective on life, both professionally and personally.

"This was a whole body, whole space experience. I had no idea there was that much to this process." - Tony P. 

You'll let go of things that you had no idea were blocking your flow.

There are physical things in your space and possibly in your background that limit your growth. Once you identify those things, you will feel more inspired and your refreshed energy will flow through you into the camera.

Meet Tamra, your LifeSpace Coach™

You will meet 1-on-1 with Tamra in this private session. She will use her 20 years of life and business coaching, psychology of space, Five Element theory expertise to align your world through a transformative process that will most likely leave you saying, "Wow, I had no idea my background and surroundings had the power to impact my business!"

How it works:

You're exposed, but don’t worry!

In just 45 minutes, we can make changes to what's behind you to create an onscreen alignment between who you are and your intended message. We look at everything that may impact your success. We cover your:

  • brand intention
  • authentic personality
  • current background hidden messages
  • distractions
  • lighting
  • camera angle
  • onscreen presence

All of these elements need to be aligned to your vision so that you build trust and connection with your audience.

OMG, I want this!

Before our meeting, you do three things.

  1. Take the Style Personality Quiz to learn more about yourself. It’s quick and fun. 
  2. After checkout you will schedule your one-on-one private session with us.
  3. Answer the three questions about what's important when you show up online:
    • work and life vision
    • core values
    • intended impressions

When your onscreen presence is aligned with your vision and message, you create alignment so that your message is clear. This reduces confusion, distrust and lack of confidence from your viewer audience.

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At our meeting, you will experience:

  • Refinement of your current vision/goals
  • Discovery of how your space may hold you back, reduce your sales and get in the way of your intended message
  • Understanding of potential visual communication blocks and misalignments
  • Discovery of your personal vision-based symbology to inspire you and boost results

After our meeting, you will receive:

  • A recap of your responses
  • A list of things to update
  • Action Steps & Next Steps
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Bettina Carey

“The Video Background Makeover that Tamra facilitated helped me immediately address a place in my home that did not really reflect my energy, focus, dreams and vision for myself. Within a short time, I was able to make the necessary changes and now I am using the space that reflects me to a "T."


Items in the background held personal meaning but didn't serve the vision of her business. She was holding onto the past (honoring memories) and not allowing open space for her future creations.

Challenges: distraction, clutter, items not serving her business vision. She wanted alignment so that her business flows. And, it was a project she had been meaning to do.


We used her Space Personality - HEROIC and the core elements of her business vision - change the globe one business at a time and married it with her values - legacy, loyalty, and leadership.

Results: A balanced, clear background symbolizing clarity, energy and flow. She let go and created new space for new things to come into her business.

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