Designate a Creative Space with Donald Rattner

my creative spaces Aug 24, 2021

In today's interview with Donald Rattner, the author of My Creative Spaces, we're discussing four key points around how to designate your creative space.

First, we talk about how Donald discovered the relationship between space and creativity. You may be surprised how it came about!

Next, we discuss how space influences our thoughts. I've written a bit about the Metaphors in Your Space. I invite you to give that a read, and see how it relates to the info in this interview. 

We also go over how detaches spaces influence thinking. If you have a detached space, you don't want to miss this part.

And finally, we discuss how space can actually hinder you, your creativity—and what you can do about it. 

Be sure to watch, and don't miss out on the other three videos in this amazingly informative series!

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